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AMI Praha Reference Signing PDF Jaguar Land Rover pilot

Signing PDF Jaguar Land Rover pilot

UniCredit Leasing

Electronic signing of the generated PDF document containing vehicles for financing/confirmation within the operational financing of UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s.

Project goal

Due to the requirements of the New Civil Code (NCC) regarding the undeniability of the will, the process of the Security Transfer of Title had to be secured in a demonstrable form. The confirmation of the transfer of title from the dealer to UniCredit Leasing must be carried out by the dealer in a verifiable manner in accordance with the NCC.

Project description

In the analytical phase, several options for solving the issue were proposed, with the most suitable being the option of electronic signing of the generated PDF document containing the funding/confirmation vehicles. The whole solution was designed to make the signing as easy as possible for dealers to reuse with other importers. The resulting implementation is applicable to general solutions to this issue (even outside of operational financing) due to its encapsulation in a new component.

As part of the implementation, an application was created using OpenSource libraries to embed electronic signatures into PDF document properties. It also included setting up checks on certificate ownership by the dealer, certificate validity and verification against the CRLs of Czech certification authorities. To ensure the validity of the content and certificates of the resulting PDF document, each is time-stamped – in addition, this extends the period of verifiability of the electronic signature to 5 years (the dealer’s certificate is only valid for 1 year).

It was necessary to adapt the workflow of financed vehicles and the web interface of operational financing to distinguish between vehicles where the dealer has already expressed a willingness to finance the selected vehicles and those where it has not yet. When the dealer logged into the PF web interface, a list of vehicles to be approved for funding appeared. From these he has the option to select the vehicles to be confirmed, these will then be displayed in a generated PDF document. He has the possibility to verify the document (originated by UnicCredit Leasing). He then signs the document with a personal certificate. The certificate can be stored directly in the computer storage or on removable media (flash) – then the certificate is selected from the file. After successful signing, a copy of the document is emailed to the dealer.

Notification messages to dealers have also been set up with a list of new confirmations (during the day) and with vehicles not yet confirmed (at the end of the day). A summary notification at the end of the day also goes out to the importer.

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