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AMI Praha Reference Showroom tablet app

Showroom tablet app

Hyundai Motor Czech

We have created a completely unique tablet application, Showroom, which allows Hyundai dealers in car dealerships (anywhere in the dealership) to provide clients with the information they need without having to leave their desktops.

We have been supporting the Showroom app from 01/2014 until now and proactively working with the client to continually develop the app.

Project goal

To create a unique and innovative application that allows car dealers (anywhere in the dealership) to provide clients with the information they need without having to go to a desktop computer.

Project description

Showroom is a native application on the Android platform whose end user is the Hyundai dealer. The dealer is now able to create a car configuration for the customer, including a preliminary quote, right in the showroom area. Thus, the dealer does not have to go to his desktop computer and is in constant contact with the customer.

An important requirement was intuitive operation and ease of use for each dealer. A user manual was deliberately not created and yet the salespeople use the application without any problems.

The most important part of the app is the completely redesigned car configurator, which is optimized for tablets. The options and price of the configured car are constantly available so that the car can be tailored to the client’s needs as much as possible.

Directly from the app, it is possible to book a client for a test drive or send a quote for a configured car.

The data on the tablet is constantly synchronized using PUSH technology to ensure identical data across all systems. Of course, the tablet app can also be operated offline to ensure freedom of movement for both the salesperson and the client.

The app is not publicly available on Google Play. If you want to see it, you have to come to a Hyundai dealership showroom.

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