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AMI Praha Reference Service – IdM and AM Support

Service – IdM and AM Support


Support for custom implementation of Sun Identity Manager and Sun Access Manager. We have been providing support and service since 2009 to date and proactively work with the client on ongoing service and development.

Project description

The goal of support is to ensure that the Sun Identity Manager application runs smoothly. In particular:

  • automatic processes
  • administrative interventions
  • minor operational adjustments
  • methodological consultations
  • repairs of emergency conditions

In addition to IDM, Single Sign On is also supported using both Sun Access Manager and Kerberos. The aim is to provide support for functionality and failover repair for these systems:

SUN Identity Manager (SUN Access Manager)
CA Service Desk (kerberos)
SAP ITS (kerberos)
SAP GUI (kerberos)
SAP portal (kerberos)

Last but not least, support includes OS and web browser compatibility testing for SSO and connected endpoint upgrades for IDM.

Support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a guaranteed response time of 2 hours.

During working hours, the customer can contact the service manager, or in exceptional cases a specialist.

During non-business hours, the customer can contact a telephone hotline where the operator will assess the customer’s request and in case of a serious breakdown, forward the request to a specialist for resolution.

Everything is supported internally by our own help desk where all requests are registered.

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