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AMI Praha Reference Jaguar Land Rover operational financing

Jaguar Land Rover operational financing

UniCredit Leasing

Setting up cooperation with the new cooperation partner Jaguar Land Rover within the operational financing of UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s. The solution included technical support for the transfer of data of the entire operational financing portfolio from Credium to UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s.

Project goal

The aim of the solution was to set up cooperation with a new cooperation partner Jaguar Land Rover. The solution included the technical provision of data transfer of the entire portfolio of operational financing from Credium to UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s. in terms of data base and business processes, thus ensuring continuous operational financing for the importer Jaguar Land Rover with adaptation to specific requirements for securing financing. The aim of the project was also to make the most of the existing components of Operational Financing.

Project description

  • During the analysis, the business processes and the importer’s needs and expectations regarding the operational financing process were described.
  • The method of data exchange was defined, including the structure, appearance and content of the documents to be transmitted, as well as the process for the release of the technical passes.
  • During the implementation, all functional units were set up and tested, including verification of the data migration from Credium.

The actual migration and rollout of operational finance was seamless due to the smooth interaction with the client and excellent knowledge of operational finance.

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