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AMI Praha Reference Internet presentations and applications for HELIA TRADE and K3 Sport

Internet presentations and applications for HELIA TRADE and K3 Sport

Helia Trade

For HELIA TRADE and K3 Sport, we have prepared a set of web presentations and applications to support their interconnected business activities – the operation of Helia Sport sports equipment stores, the operation of an e-shop and, last but not least, the operation of the newly built Kouty ski resort. The cooperation started in 2010, when we started building the first website, and continues with the continuous development and support of the delivered solutions to this day.

Project goal

The aim of the project was to increase the sales performance of the Helia Sport store network by creating a new website and e-shop application. High demands were placed on the website and e-shop application in order to use the latest trends in e-commerce solutions. The e-shop had to be connected to the customer’s existing proprietary warehouse system, which was not ready for full integration with surrounding systems.

Subsequently, the ActiveClub website and applications were created, which form the basis of an incentive program for end clients. It is an integration bridge between the stores, the website and the ski area. The goal was to create a system that would count loyalty points for in-store and online purchases, but also add points for mileage at the ski resort. This included a unique integration to the back-end system of the lift turnstiles.

Finally, the website of the Kouty ski resort itself was created.


Project description

The following websites and applications were developed for the client:

  • Web site of the Helia Sport store network ( including e-shop
  • Integration applications (customized CRM)
  • ActiveClub loyalty program website
  • Website of the Kouty ski resort (

The Amigo content management system was used for all web presentations.

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