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AMI Praha Reference Document management system with connection to Data box

Document management system with connection to Data box


The main objective of the project was to solve the basic implementation and configuration of the DMS including connection to the Data Box Information System and to introduce automated management of contracts and invoices.rnrnAMI Praha has been providing administration and support of the solution since 2010.

Project goal

Deploy a system for managing company documentation, introduce central management of contracts and invoices. Connecting the system to ISDS, as legislation in the Czech Republic requires that companies registered in the OŘ receive communications from the public sector via the Information System of Data Boxes (ISDS).

Project description

In the first phase of the project implementation, we completed the basic implementation and configuration of ORACLE UCM with connection to ISDS. Subsequently, the project was put on hold due to a critical system upgrade at Madeta.

After the project was restarted, the following requirements were developed:

  • Simple and efficient communication via ISDS;
  • speeding up intra-company electronic communication;
  • reliable storage of electronic documents/originals in electronic form;
  • Clearly defined processes for handling incoming documents;
  • email notification of new task or data management and distribution to departments;
  • use of web interface and central user management via LDAP Server.

The system is based on ORACLE UCM technology, which is one of the world’s leading products in the field of ECM/DMS. The system is implemented in the IT infrastructure of Madeta and uses MS SQL database.

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