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AMI Praha Reference Corporate presentation of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia

Corporate presentation of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia

UniCredit Bank

We created and manage a corporate website for a leading European bank

Project goal

Implementation, management and updating of the corporate website of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Project description

In 2012, the complete implementation of the web presentation on the Amigo CMS platform of UniCredit Bank was completed according to the supplied graphic manual.

The project includes, for example, a tailor-made application for transforming data from a standard e-mail attachment into the web environment or an application enabling the setting of the client’s browser when entering the on-line banking application. The presentation also enables automated updates of currency rates, mutual fund rates and interest rates directly from the bank’s internal systems via a secured VPN tunnel.

A new feature is the dynamic forms within the acquisition elements, which consist of individual fields dynamically according to the user’s behaviour history (e.g. if the user goes for a mortgage, then the mortgage enquiry form is displayed with data from the calculator, etc.).

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