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AMI Praha AMI Prague moves to new premises
AMI Prague moves to new premises

AMI Prague moves to new premises

“After twenty-five years on the market, we wanted to get closer to our customers, but also to our current and future employees, which we need more and more as the company grows. In the form of service offices, we can offer our people a space with all the latest trends and conveniences, such as countless meeting rooms, telephone booths or various spaces and activities for relaxation. And at the same time we can fully devote ourselves to our work,” said Petr Urban, Chairman of the Board of AMI Praha, adding that the company’s huge advantage is space flexibility. In the covid era, he said, everyone has learned to work from home, but the positive cohesion of the team has begun to disappear. Therefore, the company has introduced a hybrid model in which employees will continue to use the home office but will partly return to the office. At the very least, teams that work intensively together should meet there.

“Because we don’t know to what extent we will eventually return to the offices completely, we have reached for a concept that allows us to expand or contract the space flexibly. This also suits our growth strategy. We won’t be tied to just one space in one location, but have access to shared offices all over Prague and prospectively in other cities as well. Our offices are therefore officially in Karlín, but our employees can work wherever it suits them,” explained Petr Urban, adding that the company will gradually move to Karlín by the end of September this year.

AMI Praha focuses mainly on IT security and business process support. The alpha and omega of its activity is electronic identity in the so-called enterprise environment, i.e. for organisations using multiple information systems accessed by thousands of users, employees or customers. In the area of e-identity, the company is currently further expanding its competences, thus strengthening its unique position on the market. “In the Czech Republic, we are often the only partners of interesting foreign technological innovators. With them, we try to not only follow but also create trends in authorisations and authentications,” Urban added.