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More than 30 IDM realisations in the Czech Republic and abroad

28 years

AMI Praha a.s. has been in business for 28 years.

200 turnover

Turnover of AMI Praha a.s. was 200 mil. CZK for the year 2023.

30 IdM

More than 30 successful IdM realisations in the Czech Republic and abroad



Module for complex role management and access control module for ZČU in Pilsen

For over 10 years, the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (ZČU) has been using Sun IdM solutions for managing the identities of employees, students, and freelancers in central IdM applications. This solution was of high quality for its time and was among the best in the market. However, Oracle discontinued the development and support of the product at the end of 2014. This situation was unsustainable for ZČU in the long term, so it was decided to implement a new IdM tool, transfer some functionalities and optimize the processes associated with IdM.

Deployment and development of the SailPoint IdM solution for Avast

Reimplementation project aimed at replacing the open-source midPoint tool with an on-premises SailPoint solution. More than 2,500 accounts and dozens of roles are managed in the Avast environment.

Delivery of Access Management system (EnviIAM) for MŽP

Analysis and subsequent delivery of the access management system (EnviIAM), including operation and development. The delivered tool for Access Management is CAS.

Deployment of Access Manager Apero CAS in Generali Česká pojišt’ovna

Implementation of the Apereo CAS solution, which brought a central user authentication system and single sign-on (SSO) across web applications, unified auditing, and the ability to centrally manage and change the login process.

Delivery and implementation of Privileged Access Management system for the city of Ostrava

Delivery and implementation of the CyberArk system for privileged account management.

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Board games in AMI

Board games in AMI

After work, sometimes you need to unwind, which is why we had a fun evening of board games yesterday 🤩 🎲 🃏  
IdM Club

IdM Club

We are very happy that our colleagues want to work on themselves and improve their skills! For the second year, we have an IdM Club, which, according to its name, focuses on Identity Management. Members meet once a month to discuss interesting or new developments in this area, discuss ongoing projects and share their knowledge […]
Where there is a will, there is a way

Where there is a will, there is a way

Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a talk on “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Top athlete Honza Tománek told us his story and we discussed topics such as healthy lifestyle, motivation and planning.
Evolveum Gold Partner 2024

Evolveum Gold Partner 2024

Another year and with it another gold badge! 🤩 We are an Evolveum Gold Partner for 2024 and you can expect perfect IdM midPoint deliveries again.